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Jack Miller

Town Board

In my time on the Town Board, we have tackled some difficult issues:

-We have updated the Town’s website and email system, bringing it into the 21st century with some basic principles such as having secure official email addresses for town employees, compliance with state archiving requirements, and having off-site backup of the Town’s electronic documents.

-We have undertaken a series of conservation easements – voluntary agreements between the Town and private landowners to conserve their lands. We did this at no cost to the Town.
-We are in the process of renumbering the addresses on some of the roads in Danby where they were out of sequence. This is a public safety issue so that rescue workers can find houses when they need to. We are doing this renumbering with the input and cooperation of residents of the roads affected.

-We are working on an aquifer protection ordinance for Danby to protect our water resources against pollution, including from fracking.

I was born and raised in Tompkins County, I have worked for the NY State Surrogate Court for 7 years, and ran a small business 10 years.

I am hoping you will take the time to learn more about me and the issues. You can contact me at (607) 227-5026


Jack Miller
Danby Town Board Candidate

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