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Pamela Goddard

For Town Clerk

I've served as the Danby Town Clerk since 2010.

Danby is my home and I have deep roots in this community. I've lived on King Road in Danby for 23 years. My husband (Danby, 37 years) and I have been building a new home on land that represents Danby's heritage and future and that I've come to love. We're here to stay.

I've been involved with Danby Community Council, helping to produce its Concert Series. My professional background as a historian led to my involvement with the Tompkins County historians and, more recently, the Danby History Group. As an election inspector for several years, I've probably met most of the voters in the Danby Hamlet.

I've also been a professional journalist, writing for local newspapers and magazines. This background means that I'm strongly in favor of an open and collaborative government. Government records should be prepared promptly and in clear language. The various parts of Town Government must work well together, and should encourage participation by an informed public.

The Town Clerk is in a unique position to accomplish these goals. The clerk's office is an administrative position, not a policy-making one. As clerk, it is my job to ensure that Town laws, meeting minutes, and other pertinent information are made available to the public in a timely manner. It is also my job to support the work of other government officials. The paperwork for laws must be filed properly, agreements involving the Town must be prepared and signed on time, and the day-to-day transactions with citizens (taxes, permits, etc.) must be completed promptly and accurately. The Town Clerk must be approachable, in order to schedule and publicize events and meetings in the Town Hall.

The Town Clerk's office houses the Town's official history, and my extensive work as a local historian—ten years as an archivist and educator at the Tioga County Historical Society—has given me excellent experience and qualification for the work.

As a journalist writing for regional newspapers and magazines, I take good notes of meetings and conversations and compile clear and cohesive reports. I have an eye for financial detail and keep a balanced checkbook. Most importantly, for a Town Clerk in these modern times, I am comfortable with computers, databases, and using the Internet.

I am a welcoming presence in the Town Hall, both for new residents and for those whose families have been in this town for generations. I am a team player, interested in building community, and I'm ready to do my part to help bring Danby through challenges and into the future.


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